General regulation

To make your stay on this forum as peaceful as possible, you must follow a few rules...
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General regulation

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:twisted: Welcome to the official Activité-Paranormale forum :twisted:

These rules are not intended to muzzle your freedom of expression but to ensure that the discussions take place in the best possible conditions.

As soon as you register on this forum, you implicitly accept the following rules.

Purpose of this forum

This forum aims to share your knowledge or your passions in the field of the paranormal or to testify about what you or your loved ones have experienced. You can talk about the news, tell the films / series you have seen, discuss the strangest theories or unexplained phenomena .... In short, all subjects linked directly or indirectly to the supernatural are accepted.


Each new member is advised to introduce themselves even briefly.

  1. You must express yourself correctly, paying attention to the writing quality of your remarks and being careful of spelling mistakes. Using SMS language is prohibited. Everyone who reads you should be able to understand you.
  2. In compliance with the laws in force, insults, racist, xenophobic, sexist remarks are strictly prohibited.
  3. The messages posted on this forum remain the property of Activity-Paranormal. However, the comments are solely those of the authors. Posts cannot be deleted (unless they break the law) to prevent the topics from becoming incomprehensible and disjointed. Paranormal-Activity cannot be held responsible for illegal comments made in these places.
  4. It is prohibited to disseminate links pointing to illegal content, photographs, videos or documents for which you do not have the copyright.

In the event of non-compliance with these regulations, you will receive warnings. If you persist, you will be kicked out. If unfortunately you find yourself in this situation, you can challenge an exclusion procedure via the contact form.

We hope you have a good time.